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Taking your safety to new heights

Coming from the industrial roofing industry, fall protection has always held a special place in my heart. It has saved my life and my coworkers, on numerous occasions. My gratitude has an even more profound reality, since my company is family owned and my co-workers are my family. Fall protection keeps an innocent misstep or an error in foot placement from becoming a fatality or serious injury. Over the years, I have noticed an unsettling complacency and lack of knowledge to the importance of fall protection from many crafts working at heights around us. The number one occurrence reported in OSHA’s inspections is a lack or misuse of proper fall protection. Language barriers also play a large part in the lack of knowledge regarding important safety procedures.

Are you using the right fall protection?

According to statistics, there are hundreds of fatalities each year in construction due to falls. This doesn’t include those who are severely injured and even paralyzed creating life-altering injuries and hardships to families and in some cases addiction to pain killers.

We decided to act and create a service- oriented company that has the expertise and commitment to help all industries be safe and productive while working at heights.

At Skyline Safety, our goal is to educate and help provide the proper fall protection system for the job. We do this by offering inspections, installations, repairs, and merchandise, as well as consulting and training in both English and Spanish.

I am excited to be part of an industry that truly makes a difference. No one should be injured or risk their life trying to provide for their families, especially when there are systems and equipment that exist to prevent these hazards.

I look forward to teaming up with you and your organization to provide you with equipment and services that help save lives.

Bruce F Tipton Jr.